A little introduction to Willowgate Wills & Estate Planning

Hello and welcome. My name is Monique and I founded Willowgate Wills & Estate Planning in 2021. I have worked in financial services for the last 20+ years, predominantly as a mortgage & equity release adviser. As part of this role, I have always advised my clients to ensure that they have a valid Will in place, however in most cases this essential bit of planning isn’t done. There are many reasons, but one of them was clients just not knowing where to start and what to think about, as well as not knowing who best to contact to help.

So, in early 2020 I started the process of studying to become an estate planner to be able to help my clients with their Wills as part of my service to them, and had booked a week-long course to become qualified … and then the lock downs hit! I spent the rest of 2020 doing as much online learning and research as I could, and in early 2021 I was finally able to attend the course, and what happened then was unexpected. I only wanted to do the course to be able to arrange Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney for my mortgage & equity release clients, but I was so moved by what I learned, the risks of not having the proper planning in place for everyone was so staggering to me, that I changed course and decided to start Willowgate Wills & Estate Planning as a business that offered this vital planning to any and everyone.

I do sometimes get asked why ‘Willowgate’, and what’s the significance or reason for the name. It’s simple really. My home, the name of the builder’s design, is called the Willowgate, and because the reason most people want to have a Will in place is to ensure that the thing they’ve worked hard for, and their most valuable asset – the family home – is passed on to their loved ones, I chose to name my business after my home as a symbol and reminder of my passion for making sure people have the right planning in place to ensure this happens for their family and those they love.

Since 2021 I have done further courses and continued to deepen my knowledge, and one of my proudest achievements is that I was accepted into the Society of Will Writers as a Full Member in 2023. I abide strictly by the SWW Code of Practice and Willowgate Wills & Estate Planning has full Public Indemnity insurance in place for £2.5 million.

I would really love to help you with your Will and estate planning needs, my business isn’t a big corporation and I do feel a deeply personal connection with each and every client. I’d love to have a chat, so please do get in contact.

Best wishes,


e: monique@willowgatewills.co.uk

t: 0330 043 0370

m: 07939 873946